Systemlink helps its customers and users in ways designed specifically for each group's particular needs.

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All Systemlink's products are sold exclusively through merchants.

Merchants need a dedicated sales team, top quality technical support and staff training, and a range of marketing and sales aids and supports.


Installers and contractors

Installers and contractors need access to all the technical literature, FAQ, technical forums and online help. This will ensure they can take full advantage of Systemlink's revolutionary zoning system and will be up-to-date on the latest techniques.

Installers and contractors then need to find their nearest Systemlink stockist. 


Architects and consultants

Building professionals need to design and specify the most efficient zoning systems to meet modern energy regulations and to ensure a cost-effective and trouble-free construction project.

They need top quality technical support and an extensive online knowledge base to inform their decisions and solve their design issues.


Self build

Self builders need to know about the advantages of zoning and why Systemlink's zoning products are the best on the market for them.

They need to see all the technical literature and read about the experiences of Systemlink users. Self builders need to ask questions of Systemlink and industry professionals and of other self builders facing the same issues.

Then they need to find their nearest Systemlink merchant.


Home owners

Home owners need information and tools to deal effectively with building industry professionals on their new build, extension or up-grade project.

Ignorance can lead to a sub-standard or needlessly expensive job!