Find out about zoning your house here!

Be informed about the issues involved in that heating installation or upgrade.

Make sure your architect and contractor know about Systemlink. You'll get a better job.


Many older houses have only one heating zone. This is how things were done when fuel was cheap.

Your heating is either on or off. If you are trying to save money, it's off more than on.

You can save some money by switching radiators on and off, but this is troublesome.

The best solution is to zone your house.

This means modifying your plumbing circuits to create zones where you need heat at different times. For instance, home office during the day, living areas in the evening and bedrooms at night. Domestic hot water is an additonal zone, so that it is available when you need it.

Then you can control each zone:

  • Heat when you need it
  • Set the temperature for comfort and economy
  • Protect against frost damage when you are away


Think about zoning when you are planning that extension or renovation job.

Check out our knowledge Zone to see what's involved. You can look through our FAQ and see drawings and pictures of installations.

You will be much better informed when talking things over with your architect or contractor.

Systemlink products are the best way to zone your house. You get a reliable and trouble free installation. It's simple to install and simple to understand when it's done.