Systemlink provides a simple and practical solution for plumbing, wiring and control of heating zones in buildings of all sizes

Plumbing solution for heating zones

Systemlink’s proprietary zoning products provide a simple and foolproof way to organise your plumbing into zones. All zones are independent and lead back to the zoning unit.


Heat Genie

Heat Genie

Heat Genie is a fully insulated central heating link-up device that joins a solid fuel boiler to a new or existing heating system whether open-vented or sealed. With the Heat Genie you can heat any zone or heat sink with either the solid fuel heat source or other linked heat source such as an oil or gas boiler.

All heat dissipation and safety elements for the solid fuel heat source are handled by the Heat Genie whereas typically a cylinder coil or heat-leak radiator would be required.
Heat Genie also provides rapid domestic hot water heating from any of your linked heat sources and gives you the ability to provide near instantaneous hot water to baths, showers and taps.



The next evolution of zoning and link-up manifolds



Systemlink’s original zoning device – simple, rugged and reliable, with no moving parts. Many unique advantages. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications of all sizes.



Systemlink’s new patented product that brings hydraulic zoning to a new level. Improved water separation for increased efficiency. New clean space-saving design comes with custom insulation. Domestic sizes available soon.


SystemLink Zoning Centre

The complete plumbing and wiring solution made up in its own enclosure. Contains SystemZone, SystemLex, pumps, valves and automatic air extractor.

Wiring solution for heating zones

Systemlink’s proprietary central wiring units apply its design philosophy to the electrical installation – uncomplicated layout for trouble-free installation.



The simple and foolproof way to wire up zone pumps or motorised valves, thermostats and clocks to boilers. All the complex cross wiring is already done within the unit.



Perfect for wiring up the smaller house.

Control solution for heating zones

Systemlink’s zone control products complete the zoning solution, providing independent time and temperature control for optimum comfort and efficiency in all parts of the building.



Systemlink’s new pre-configured heating zone controller with fully intuitive operation.

Three channel time and temperature control with integrated wiring centre for 230 volt applications.



The perfect complement to Homezone. Manufactured specially to Systemlink’s exacting standards.

Ancillary products

Systemlink distributes a range of efficient water heaters that compliment its heat zoning solutions


A O Smith water heaters

A range of gas-fired residential and commercial water heaters


Rinnai water heaters

Domestic and small commercial water heaters