HomeZone is a fully intuitive heating zone controller with a separate wiring centre to allow for 230 volt functionality.


HomeZone has many benefits for the installer and the user, including:

  • Very simple interface 
  • Dedicated wiring centre
  • Ideal for multiple zones and different heating sources
  • Saves time and cost at installation
  • Easy fault diagnosis

The controller is a stylish modern design that can be sited in living or sleeping areas:


The HomeZone controller uses an interactive screen with soft keys and direction button that are very intuitive in use.

There is a power button and a help button to guide the user as required.


The HomeZone controller screen is very intuitive for the homeowner.

  • Clear indication of the status of each zone
  • Simple boost and advance functions
  • LEDs showing active zones


DSCF0993_HomeZone_wiring_centre_no_lid_-_50 The HomeZone wiring centre

The wiring centre has connections for:

  • Pump and thermostat for each zone
  • One boiler
  • Auxilliary functions, such as additional heat sources (such as solid fuel), priority hot water, boiler lockout, etc.



The schematic opposite shows the HomeZone wired to a typical domestic system with three zones and a boiler.

This illustration uses pumps, which will be used in conjunction with a SystemZone or a ZoneAlone manifold.

WiringCentreValves_v3_-_50 HomeZone works just as well with systems using motorised valves to control heating zones.


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Technical downloads on HomeZone are here Technical_Downloads