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Benefits of Heat Genie


  • Simplifies the most difficult of Solid Fuel installations.
  • Create gravity circuit where previously impossible such as bungalow installations or where the Stove is a long distance away from the Cylinder.
  • No need to purchase expensive new cylinder or thermal store to link-up solid fuel source.
  • No need for expensive cylinder coil or heat leak radiator on the gravity circuit. The Heat Genie provides the safety elements with 3 levels of safety.
  • Option for extremely rapid heating of your existing domestic hot water.
  • Fully insulated.
  • Simple to install, fully labelled ports.


How does a Heat Genie Work?


Scenario1 cropped

Standard Heat Genie Schematic showing a Zoning & Link-up SpiroZone manifold on the left with a gas boiler and a stove as the heat sources. The Heat Genie is used as the method of heat transfer from the stove to the manifold.

There are also 1 domestic hot water zone and 2 radiator heating zones (e.g 1st floor bedrooms & ground floor living area) attached to the manifold which allows heat from either heat source to be distributed to any of the heating zones.

This stage of safety is the thermal valve that operates without electricity in a purely mechanical way.

The valve has a probe at the end of a capillary tube that detects 95C water temperature and via the capillary tube opens the valve.

This allows us to take in cold water through the Heat Genie effetively sucking the heat out of the solid fuel thermosyphon loop and in turn raising the temperature of the incoming cold water and then delivers it out safely to the drain.

This is a very rare event and will only happen in cases of electrical power failure, at all other times the electricity is on and allows the pumps in the system to dissipate the heat. 

Download or view image here.

This diagram shows how the solid fuel boiler is used to heat any of your heating zones through the Heat Genie.

The Plate Heat Exchanger technology allows for the easy integration of a solid fuel boiler into a sealed heating system.

Download or view image here.


This diagram shows how the Gas or Oil boiler being used to heat any of your heating zones through as standard through one of zoning and link-up manifolds.

Download or view image here.

Scenario3 cropped

Now that all the safety features have been explained we move onto normal pumped operation mode where there is no power failure and all electrical systems are operational.

In this diagram you can see pumped flow of water from the stove to the Heat Genie and in turn from the Heat Genie to the Domestic Hot Water Cylinder.

You can see a bronze pump on the cold return pipe from the cylinder which directly circulates the water in the main body of the cylinder.

This method of delivering hot usable water to your cylinder decreases the recovery time of your cylinder dramatically, due to the far greater surface area of the Plate Heat Echanger technology ussed in Heat Genie, in comparison with most cylinder coils.

Download or view image here.

The 3rd stage of safety that all open-vented systems have is the ability to pitch into the tank in the attic space typically.

Now this is not an event you should want or have occuring and with the Heat Genie it should never get to this stage but it is shown to reassure you that your solid fuel boiler will always be safe.

Download or view image here.

Scenario2 cropped

Heat Genie installed using motorised zone valves to subzone the heating system.


Systemlink would consider this method of zoning an inferior method of zoning due to the unreliable nature of zone valves but due to the large number of zone valve installations we include the scenario for completeness.


Download or view image here.




Heat Genie Contents:



 Heat Genie contents

  • Heat Genie
  • Safety Valve
  • SystemLex intelligent wiring centre
  • 3/4" BSP y-type in-line strainer