SystemZone is a patented distribution manifold for use in zoned heating systems. It contains all the elements for correct system installation.

Systemzone_3_sizes_together SystemZone has many unique features:
  • Zone and boiler circuits are all independent of each other
  • Safety is built in
  • Very good hot and cold water separation
  • Automatic neutral point
  • Simple rugged design - no moving parts
  • Simple to design even the largest systems
  • Straightforward installation
  • Efficient continuous air extraction


SystemZone is ideal for simplifying many complex installations. Here are a few examples:

Boiler arrays

Here SystemZones are used to collect water from multiple boilers and to distribute it to multiple heating zones.

Installation of a boiler array is less expensive than one or two large units with tall chimneys.


Here is a smaller boiler array suitable for a large dwelling or small commercial premises.

The boilers in use in an array will work most of the time at their optimum load and therefore will be most efficient.

Boilers also act as back-up for each other, allowing for maintenance and repair while keeping the system running as normal.


Integrating renewable energy sources

SystemZone is excellent for complex systems with a variety of heat sources and different heat emitters.

Here is a typical installation with an air-to-water heat pump, a back-up boiler (gas or oil), solar powered hot water with underfloor heating and radiators.

The illustration shows the SystemZone incorporated in the SystemLink Zoning Centre.


Solid fuel combinations

SystemZone is ideal for systems where different heat emmitters are combined, such as solid fuel and oil or gas.


For more information on how to use SystemZone or any other Systemlink Product, see our Knowledge Zone


Technical downloads on SystemZone are here