ZoneAlone has many advantages for the installer and end-user in achieving efficient heating zones

Simplifies heating design and installation

All zones are hydraulically independent

Zonealone’s unique patented design ensures that each heat source and heating zone operates independently of all others. Each zone or boiler circuit can be planned as an individual module without needing to consider its effect on the rest of the system.

When the pump in a particular zone or boiler circuit is inactive, no water moves in that circuit.

Precisely controllable flows in multiple zones with no crosstalk.

Eliminates time consuming circuit balancing and air bleeding problems


Different flow rates automatically catered for

Different flow rates for different zones can be specified without creating any conflicts (providing the primary pump is sized to cater for the total flow rate leaving the manifold).

Simplifies integration of multiple heat sources

Zonealone makes it easy to create mixed systems with a variety of heat sources and heat emitters.

Suitable for use with all heat sources

Universality - Manages heat distribution for all heat sources including oil, gas, solid fuel and geothermal

No practical limit on installation size

Universality. ZoneAlone energy distribution technology employs multiple, parallel, unconnected heating loops; taming even the largest installations. Standard ZoneAlone manifolds range from 5 to 13 zones and can be cascaded for larger systems.

Automatic neutral point created

Zonealone automatically creates a neutral point within the unit. The neutral point can be difficult to locate in conventional plumbing layouts.

Flexible, simple, safe and reliable

Orientate in any direction for installation

Zonealone can be orientated in ANY direction for installation.

Built in non- return valves

No need for NRVs and associated external fittings as they are built into the manifold.

Reliable – no motorised parts

As Zonealone has no motorised parts, reliability is guaranteed.

Motorised Valves are not required

Pumps are used instead which are more reliable than motorised valves.

Built-in system bypass

Normally a bypass must be built into a heating system for the boiler. This is already designed into the Zonealone

Unobstructed cold feed and vent if required

These or other ancillaries may be connected directly to the top connections on a Zonealone manifold.

Robust yet light

One person installation. The structural integrity of ZoneAlone derives from a high strength aluminium alloy with a minimum thickness of 4 mm. Large pipework forces are accommodated while bursting pressure exceeds 10 bar

Use of recyclable materials throughout

Strong green credentials. In addition to high heat distribution efficiency, ZoneAlone is designed for end-of-life and complies with ISO14040

Unrestricted mounting orientation

Universality. ZoneAlone's heat distribution functionality does not rely on thermal stratification and is insensitive to orientation.

Reduced form factor and packaging with insulation included

Insulation is innovatively designed to protect the manifold during transport and storage. The unit is compact and weighs only 3.6 kilograms.

Modular design

Can be ordered in a range of sizes based on the number of zones and heating sources required.

Simple to upgrade: new heat sources (e.g. heat pumps) or loads (e.g. loft conversions) are simply integrated by adding zones without disturbing the behaviour of the existing system.


The hottest water is used for heating without any mixing

High energy efficiency. Patent-pending pressure relief valves in ZoneAlone manifolds maximise thermal separation of hot supply and cooler return flows, minimising internal leakage of heat.

Reduces power consumption

Zonealone is thermodynamically efficient because of the hydraulically separated zones with dedicated circulators. No balancing is needed

Zoning minimises pumping power consumption as circulation is limited to zones in use.

Less expensive installation

With Zonealone, fewer parts, simpler design and easier fitting significantly reduces installation costs.

Efficient, continuous de-aeration

Resists performance loss. ZoneAlone manifolds provide four instrument ports for connection of circuit ancillaries - auto air vents, expansion reservoirs, gauges and filling loops. Air separation performance is very good, boosting thermal efficiency. The pumps in the system therefore work with maximum silence and efficiency, air locks are minimized and radiators are much less prone to need bleeding.

Controlled internal recirculation

Superior thermodynamic efficiency. ZoneAlone parallel zoned systems replace a single large circulator and multiple zone valves with one energy-efficient circulator per zone. In the real world this minimises pumping power consumption

Saves money time and labour

ZoneAlone removes guesswork. Eliminates the unpredictable behaviour of complex branched heating circuits through ZoneAlone's simple hydraulic separate zone loops