Building professionals - simplify your zoning jobs and have trouble-free installations!

Circuits connected using Systemzone or ZoneAlone don't affect each other, so design work is much easier and more reliable. Everything can be designed in modules.

Systemlex simplifies control wiring for faster and better installation.

The special patented features of Systemzone and ZoneAlone are designed to simplify specification and installation:

  • Zone and boiler circuits are independent of each other
  • Automatic built-in bypass
  • The hottest water is used for heating without any mixing
  • Automatic neutral point created
  • Simple layout and design
  • Saves time on installation
  • Different flow rates automatically catered for
  • Efficient, continuous air extraction
  • Reliable‚ safety is assured
  • Read more about these advantages of zoning with Systemzone and ZoneAlone...

Remember the regulations:

  • In the UK, all buildings over 110 square meters must have a minimum of three heating zones
  • In Ireland, all buildings over 100 square meters must have at least two heating zones for space heating in addition to domestic hot water (see page 17 of the Building Regulations 2002, Technical Guidance Document, Part L)
In Ireland, Systemlink is recognised by the *** as an efficient method of providing heating zones in buildings of all sizes.



Boiler arrays with Systemzones