SystemZone greatly simplifies design, installation and control of heating zones

Zone and boiler circuits are independent of each other


SystemZone's unique patented design ensures that each boiler and heating zone operates independently of all others. When the pump in a particular zone or boiler circuit is inactive, no water moves in that circuit. This is achieved without motorised valves and with all waterways open at all times. No other method achieves this result. 


Safety is assured


Safety is guaranteed as no waterway is ever blocked by a valve. No separate bypass is required. 

The hottest water is used for heating without any mixing


SystemZone's patented heat stratification system allows each zone to draw from the hottest water at the top layer of the unit. This makes for efficient operation and fast heating. 

Automatic neutral point created


SystemZone automatically creates a neutral point within the unit. The neutral point can be difficult to locate in conventional plumbing layouts. 

Simple layout and design


System design and implementation is greatly simplified with SystemZone, as each zone or boiler circuit can be planned as an individual module without needing to consider its effect on the rest of the system. 

Less expensive installation


With SystemZone, fewer parts, simpler design and easier fitting significantly reduces installation costs. 

Different flow rates automatically catered for


A further advantage of the independence of each circuit is that different flow rates can be specified without creating any conflicts provided that the primary pump is sized to cater for the total flow rate leaving the manifold. This makes it easy to create mixed systemswith a variety of heat sources and heat emitters. 

Efficient, continuous air extraction


The water entering the SystemZone slows down because the units cross-sectional area is many times greater than that of the pipes feeding it. This allows any trapped air to accumulate at the top of the unit where it is continually extracted by an automatic air vent. The pumps in the system therefore work with maximum silence and efficiency, air locks are minimised and radiators are much less prone to need bleeding. 

Reliable, no moving parts


As SystemZone has no moving parts, reliability is guaranteed.